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Being a care assistant is a rewarding role. Our guide sets out more about the role and what it involves.

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Video–Weight Loss Tip #3

Hello! How’s it going? I signed up for some races! Finally!! I’m excited Smile 

And I have a new video for you. This is a follow up to my Notes on How I Lost Weight post. (Um, I just wrote “I Love Weight” – ha!)

Anyway… I’m talking about my #3 tip – I figured out what my body needs to feel satisfied. What our bodies need to feel good isn’t always what the magazines / blogs / news stories  etc. think is what we should eat. So it’s important to listen and learn from YOUR body. Do you. Treat yourself well.

I love smoothies with a lot of toppings – including nuts for breakfast. I’ll also do PB or AB toast before a run and/or Avocado Toast after a run. It depends on the day.

protein shake (460x613)

My usual protein shake recipe: Ice / Frozen Spinach / Scoop Protein Powder / Almond Milk / Banana OR Blueberries.

Blend. Blend again.

Top with nuts, granola, chia seeds…

I usually use vanilla or berry protein powder for my breakfast smoothie. If I have a smoothie later in the day I often do chocolate powder and sometimes add a packet of stevia and top with mini-chocolate chips for a treat.

P.S. You can make super easy protein balls with that protein powder too!

easy protein ball recipe

Advo just came out with Ready to Drink protein cartons if you want one on the go. I haven’t tried them yet but wanted to pass it on in case you need something to take to school, work or the gym.


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Question: What is the BEST breakfast for your body?

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