Breaking MONICAN News and Would You Be Friends with Someone

I have big MONICAN news! Are you ready for it? This might change everything you thought you knew about Monicans.

I know you’ve always thought Monican = your local red-headed Mexican blogger named Monica. We’re not sure how/when/why the ‘n’ got added to the end but it’s there and we roll with it…

Well, I’m about to call into question everything you knew about Monicans…

Ben called me yesterday to say he was watching some Sci-Fi movie and they were talking about Monicans = people from the city of Monica. And he randomly started to look into it. Turns out there is a band from Australia called The Monicans! Ha!

This is one of their songs… it’s from 2012.

Here is their Facebook page – The Monicans – if you want to check em out.


Super random, right?

In running and eating news…

I had a really good run Tuesday! 10 miles. On the way back I listened to Despacito on repeat. Maybe I’ll add some “The Monicans” music to my playlist to change it up…

trader joes green hot sauce 1 (785x589)

What I’ve been eating…

I don’t know how I haven’t tried this before but I just discovered Trader Joe’s Green Dragon Hot Sauce. LOVE. I love it. I don’t love it more than Sriracha, but I do really like it. I wasn’t a fan of TJ’s version of Sriracha so I think maybe I went into it thinking it would be similar. I was pleasantly surprised. Good, spicy, flavorful.

trader joes green hot sauce (478x638)

And my mom and lil brother came over the other day and we got Indian take-out. Vegas is rarely ‘bad’ but he jumped up on the chair like he wanted some! Busted! I’m sure my mom doesn’t believe me when I say, “He never does that!”

indian food and cat (442x589)

My friendish with the world’s cutest puppy gets Blue Apron and made it for lunch the other day. I went over because I love the puppy. The food is an added bonus.

blue apron for lunch 3 (785x589)

Friendish = apparently Friendish is an app, but I meant it as someone you’re kinda friendly with but wouldn’t call a friend. Ya know? Ha!


Question: Would you be friends with someone just because you loved their dog?

Me: Ummm, why? Is it obvious?

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