New Race Discounts and Weekend Updates

Hello! How’s it going? Over here it’s slowly starting to feel back to normal, whatever that means.

eggs and tortillas breakfast casserole 11 (442x589)

I had an event over the weekend, which was a good way to keep me busy and get me to a happier place. My Grams loved gambling and it was at the Pala Casino (more on this later). Even though I didn’t gamble, I knew she would have loved it.

Minutes after Grams passed my Nina and Nino got there. (My Nina is my aunt > my mom’s sister and Grams’ oldest daughter.) My Nina was talking to Grams…this is the very special conversation that followed:

Nina: Hey mom… How’s Heaven? Who do you see up there? Who’s up there with you?

My mom: She sees dad…

Nina: He’s probably hiding from her!!


That made us laugh and was a nice little moment of my Nina being my Nina and remembering that Grams was a handful.

And I found this picture as we were going through stuff this weekend… Classic.

grams glasses (785x589)

Okay… there’s no easy way to transition from that so let’s roll with it.

I’ve been running and eating (but it’s been LESS running and MORE eating).

Running:  I ran most days last week but haven’t done much strength work (and still kept my usual rest day). After crossing ‘Run’ off my To Do list I usually just want to head to my mom’s or start work. I feel behind on everything right now. I’ll get back to cross training this week.

eggs and tortillas breakfast casserole 10 (785x589)

Food: I’ve been eating a lot of pizza. It’s delicious and easy. I didn’t want to cook last week. Then, ordered it again at an event this weekend. I’m kinda happy about all the pizza that’s been in my life lately.

running blog july discounts 1

Random: Spotted these light-up watermelon decorations at Marshall’s and talked myself out of getting one. I might go back for it though. That’s what I do! If I see something I like but don’t love or if it’s expensive I don’t get it right then. If I’m still thinking about it the next day I’ll go back.

eggs and tortillas breakfast casserole 12 (785x589)

And I have some new race discount codes for ya! REVEL Race series added a new race in Arizona! There are tons of race discounts for the Elite Races – they’re small races around SoCal.

Check out my Race Discounts page and sign up for my RER Discounts Email list to stay up to date on the latest coupons and discount codes!

REVEL Race Series Race Discount Codes:

REVEL Canyon City – Azusa, CA Nov 4, 2017

REVEL Canyon City Half / Full Marathon Discount Code:


REVEL Mt. Lemmon – Date: Nov. 12, 2017 Location: Mt Lemmon, Tucson, AZ

REVEL Mt. Lemmon Half / Full Marathon Discount Code :

Add REVEL Mt Lemmon to your fall running schedule and register by August 4 to save up to $20. Use code REVEL at checkout to save $10 and combine that with the Facebook and team discounts to get a total of $20 off your registration!


REVEL Big Cottonwod – Salt Lake City, UT  Sept. 9, 2017

REVEL Big Cottonwood Half / Full Marathon Discount Code:


REVEL Mt. Charleston – April 28, 2018 Location: Las Vegas, NV

REVEL Mt. Charleston Half / Full Marathon Discount Code:


REVEL Rockies – Date: June 3, 2018 Location: Denver, CO

REVEL Rockies Half / Full Marathon Discount Code:


Elite Sports SoCal Races Discount Code:

Save 30% off  ALL Elite Sports CA events

Register for one or all Elite Sports CA events listed below.

Use code:WERUN71

Sale ends August 1st at midnight, please spread the word!

August 13

Sept 24

Oct 15

Nov 12

Dec 3


Question: What’s your next race? Do you have a big race on the calendar this year?

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