Confessions of a blogger…

confession blog post (800x800)

Confession… Whenever I cook I bring out a lot of random food to snack on while I’m ‘cooking’. I use the term ‘cooking’ loosely though – because I do this when I’m making PB toast or just throwing together a salad. It’s a bad habit.

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Confession… I just shove things out of the way to make room to eat. It works.

dinner in real life (800x600)

Confession… I recently had my condo painted because it really needed it. But now I’m thinking about moving so I don’t want to put anything up on the walls. It’s kinda bugging me since now I feel like I’m unsettled. It’s weighing on my mind all the time and I just want to figure it out so I can make wherever feel like home.

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Confession… I got distracted by email this morning and didn’t run until after 8am. It’s too hot to get into that habit Monican!

confession blog 2 (442x589)

Confession… this chocolate fell out of the freezer when I was refilling the ice tray last night so I ate it. I’m glad it wasn’t a bag of frozen veggies…

Okay, 2 fell out. And I grabbed a 3rd for fun.

confession blog 3 (442x589)

Confession… Running is cheaper than therapy, but I need both. (This is the view from my therapist’s office that’s changing next week so I had to get one last picture.)

confession blog 12 (785x589)

Confession… The super awesome thick cranberry bread that I had been eyeing for a year was on manager’s special and I finally bought it a few days ago. One slice is as thick as 3 slices of ‘normal’ bread. The confession part of this is – I was expecting it to be sweet like a cinnamon roll or something and it wasn’t – so I put maple syrup on it. I should have just made french toast with it.

confession blog 4 (785x589)

confession blog 5 (785x589)

Confession…It’s not okay for Vegas to lay on my clean clothes but I had to get a picture of him before kicking him outta there.

seen on my run blog 3 (442x589)

Confession… I haven’t been going to church every weekend recently but have discovered the Bible App on my phone has a lot of bible studies and programs.

But I went this weekend and kinda love the picture on the front of the bulletin…. it’s a track and says ‘Get Going’. Boom.

seen on my run blog 4 (442x589)

Confession… These Whole Cuts ‘chips’ are cut like a french fry so they’re supposed to be like fries but with the crunch of a chip.

My favorite french fries are the crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside but not burnt ones… so I was curious about these and bought ‘em. Well, I love them. I dipped them in ketchup and they were like having fries. They’re not healthier than french fries – they’re still fried potatoes, but they are good.

confession blog 7 (442x589)

confession blog 6 (442x589)

Confession… this is what it looked like when I got up from the couch last night. I was eating popcorn. Busted!

confession blog 9 (785x589)

Confession… I take pictures of toilets. (Not every time, but it’s still a little weird.)

confession blog 13 (442x589)

Question: What do you have to confess?

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