White Wine Sparkler for 4th of July

This super easy White Wine Sparkler is a skinny cocktail perfect for summer BBQs and the 4th of July.

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Hello! Are you doing anything fun for the 4th of July? Since it’s on a Tuesday this year it’s not exactly the best timing for major partying or going out of town. Luckily sparklers never go out of style. And neither do wine spritzers.

Let’s be honest, a white wine spritzer is basically a low calorie glass of wine that sounds better than “Hey, can you cut that wine with some seltzer to save me some calories because I already dominated that bowl of chips and guac.? Thanks”.

That’s what it is and I love it.

Any time you spend the entire day at a BBQ, the beach or celebrating in general – you have a lot of time to drink. Without realizing it you can have 8 drinks before sunset. Which is fine until you  wake up the next day and realize  you’re super dehydrated and sunburned from your impromptu nap after drink #5 next to the pool (that somehow ended up on your BFF’s Instagram story).


These White Wine Sparklers are the easiest way to throw together a light cocktail this summer.

White Wine Sparkler


  • 8 oz white wine
  • 3 – 4 oz seltzer (I used a citrus flavor)
  • frozen blueberries & strawberries or raspberries

Put some frozen fruit in a wine glass – as much as you prefer. Top with wine & seltzer. Bonus if you have a fun straw.

Fresh fruit works too. I froze the strawberries myself after buying a massive amount of them a few weeks ago. I was going to put them in smoothies but this works too. (So, can I call this a wine smoothie?)


4th of july wine spritzer 4 (785x589)

And because I love ya… Don’t drink and drive. Be super careful around fireworks. God Bless.


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