Sports Bra Squad Countdown–Are you ready to run?

Hello! How’s it going ? Are you planning on doing a run in your sports bra to celebrate the first National Sports Bra Day? Are you ready to chime in on all the hot sauces??

sports bra squad day

1. Sports Bra Squad

Have you heard about the #SportsBraSquad moment?! I’m excited about the concept so I want to share. I spotted Kelly Roberts on the cover of Women’s Running this month and the Sports Bra Squad hashtag spreading the word!

The first National Sports Bra Squad Day is June 24th!

It’s a day that encourages everyone to ditch their sports bras and more importantly – ditch their insecurities, wear a sports bra and go run! Check out the National Sports Bra Squad Day page here for more information. You can join a group run to celebrate this girl powered day. Or run solo and do you.

Use #SportsBraSquad to update Instagram / Twitter and Facebook to connect with fellow sports bra squad members.

#sportsbrasquad join sports bra squad


2. Taco ice cream.

Yes. Tacos that are sweet and happy are coming to a A local ice cream shop, Sweet Cup,  makes sweet waffle taco shells filled with ice cream on Tuesdays.

taco ice cream

(from the Sweet Cup FB page)

3. Running Buddy Tank

I posted this on RER’s Instagram and so many of you loved it!

running buddy tank

(You can get one version of the tank here.)

4. All the hot sauce options!!

I love the comments on Insta when I asked with you would pick.

sportsbra squad 1 (800x600)

5. Chopped veggies (that don’t cost a ton)

Pre-chopped veggies, especially onions. I found a fajita mix with fresh onions and bell peppers at the 99 cent store. Boom!

sports bra squad (800x600)

6. Meal delivery services.

Since working with Blue Apron and recently trying Hello Fresh I’ve come to realize it’s so easy and you’re guaranteed a great meal. Dig it.

sports bra squad 6 (460x613)
sports bra squad 3 (800x600)


7. Watermelon.

Watermelon. Watermelon.

sports bra squad 5 (800x600)

8. These stainless steel tumblers from Costco.

They are super big and keep drinks cold. I love it.

But…  I used one this morning to drink iced coffee. Then, I used the other one to drink Spark this afternoon while making dinner.

Well, somehow I grabbed the iced coffee one from earlier and took a huge drink of room temperature watered down coffee. Gross! That was a surprise when I was expecting super cold Fruit Punch Park.

sports bra squad 1 (800x600)

Also – Advo just came out with two new protein powder flavors – chocolate chip cookie dough and salted caramel. I haven’t tried these yet so I have to check them out for myself asap.


Question: Have you ever run in ‘just’ a sports bra? Would you?

What hot sauce is your favorite?

Would you prefer a savory taco or an ice cream taco?

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