What’s On My Fridge?

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was full of running, eating and adulting. I started with a mid-distance run of 12 miles.

section of shade (800x600)

Mid-way run selfie!

braces not invisible (460x613)
12 mile run blog (460x613)

Sunday was a rest day. Instead of running I went to spectate the OC Triathlon. I had a friend doing it and it’s so close I had to go! I’ve always wanted to cheer at a race and even though I made all the rookie mistakes of a race spectator – it was fun and seemed like the triathletes appreciated it.

oc triathlon (800x600)
oc triathlon recap (800x600)
nuun hydration at oc triathlon (800x600)

Before hitting up the race I had toast, eggs and avocado.

healthy breakfast for runner 2 (800x600)

In adulting news…

I bought a fire extinguisher! This is super random – but I was walking around the store looking for a new light plate thingy (technical term) and the fire extinguishers  caught my eye.  I realized – I don’t have a fire extinguisher!!?!

This is my first fire extinguisher! I feel like I should take a picture with it holding up a chalk board sign that says “First Day of School Adulting”

take bets on these nuts 4 (460x613)

I’m in complete adulting mode because I’m having my lil condo painted and trying to organize everything. Vegas is supervising.

vegas is in trouble (460x613)

And the painter brought me flowers! I love it. They’re all different flowers from her garden and super pretty.

flowers for monican (460x613)

Adulting is also baking, right? I’d like to think so.

I worked on a few upcoming recipes and baked an old faithful recipe – 3 Ingredient PB Cookies.

easy peanut butter cookies (800x600)

What’s on my fridge?

I like how some bloggers do “What’s in my fridge?” – I’m pretty sure I’ve done it before too.

But since I’m having the kitchen painted and had to move the fridge I took everything off of it. So this is not what’s IN the refrigerator but what’s ON the refrigerator…

whats on my fridge (800x600)

On my fridge: photo booth pictures from my lil brother’s 8th grade graduation, M&Ms today I feel board, inspirational magnets I’ve had for years, New York City Marathon time plate, super strong magnets, manatee magnet, marathon pace band, Run Eat Repeat bumper magnet, pic from my Nino’s birthday.

I don’t remember when I got this M&M’s mood board. My parents’ had one on their fridge forever and honestly I don’t even know if this is the same one I took at some point? Maybe I should say “today I feel forgetful”?!

today i feel (460x613)

How do you feel?

Question: Today I feel…

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